suffering from Fistula, gall bladder stones & tinnitus problem

zabi ar asked
My name is Amjad Khan, aged 38.

1. I am suffering from Fistula, 1/2" beside from anus, it is 2 fistula holes bleeding and pus forming i am having this from 3months.

2. and i have also gall bladder stones around 6mm stones.

3. and tinnitus problem buzzing sound in left ear.

What is the treatment for this diseases. InshaAllah hope i will receive the answer soon.

Amjad Khan.
Bangalore, India.
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Nabawi Journeys Avatar
Nabawi Journeys answered

1. Kalaunji 500 Gm
Fil fil Daraaz 250 gm
Bitter gaurd Dry with seeds 200 gm
naushadar 20 gm
Honey One Litre

heat honey do not boil and pour the remaining material Powdered in the honey and keep aside

2. Naushadar in hindi language
fil fil daraaz


Make powder of naushadar and fil fil daraaz and keep aside

eat a teaspoon of the above majun daily three times for 3 months regularly
and mix small amount of kerosene with formula 2 and apply on fistula
twice a day

Wazu five times a day
darud 5 tasbeehs