Joshanda with raw herbs in pregnancy

Assalaamualaikum va rahmatullahi va barakatuh....

Shami Saab,

My wife is in her 13th week of pregnancy.. (She has a Balgami (phelgematic) Temprament (Mizaj) according to unani medicine)

From the last 2 weeks she is suffering from phelgamatic cough and chest congestion, tried using Allopathic medicines (nasal drops,antibiotics etc) according to her family doctor but with no results..

I want her to start with Joshanda (Formula J) but I have read on the internet that Doctors don't recommend OTC available Joshanda packets in pregnancy as it has heavy metals/ steroids etc.

Please suggest whether she can use it or anything else Also whether steam can be taken.

Jazakallhu khair.

Inteaash Khan.
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Nabawi Journeys Avatar
Nabawi Journeys answered

Formula “J” is for Joshanda, the hot infusion of beautiful herbs that work against fever, flu, chest congestion, cough, etc.

And when you make it with the raw herbs, its healing is 100 times more than the instant Joshandas sold at the markets.

Unaab, Zofa Yabis, Sapistaan, Licorice, Khatmi & Khabazi, etc. are the world’s best herbs for respiratory disorders.

Either you make a powder of herbs or just add them as they are, the taste is always so beautiful and as soon as it goes inside your chest, you feel the improvement very quickly, it also clears the stomach & opens the urine.

It is best served when sweetened with Honey.

Fareeduddin Ahmed Avatar

As salaam alaykum

its so easy to get treatment from phelgamatic cough and chest congestion in dry condition as well as Balgami (phelgematic) Temprament

treatment is so easy and simple

1) MUNAKAA (dried seed grapes ) Note:- Not Kishmish


remove seeds from munakaa and place a black pepper

minimum three munakaa do not sallow at once chew it as like chewingum do not drink water at least for one hour can be taken twice a day
insah Allah you will notice change