Swelling in diabetic patient's body


My mother is a diabetic patient for about 20 years and She give herself insulin shots everyday. Additionally she takes few medicines for blood pressure, high level of cholesterol etc. But from past few months swelling appeared in her body especially in her feet and face. She has gone through many lab tests with the recommendation of the consultant doctor based on which many alterations have been made in medicine but no improvement observed.

Please advise something beneficial for her health in your opinion.

Jazakumullah o Khaira!

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Assalam O Alaikum,

May Allah Give Shifa to your mother, parents are an asset, they are granted only once.
By His Own Will, Allah Sends sickness & then He Gives the cure, He Makes you thirsty & then He Gives water, he makes you hungry & then He Brings food in front of you.
When Diabetes gets older, it is combined with high blood pressure & Cholesterol; and swelling among Diabetic patients can be due to low efficiency of heart or the kidneys.

Seeking Allah's Help, we recommend the following :

Hijamah on the back; 6 to 8 cups
Date stones powder; taken as a teaspoon daily, Ajwah stones are best but if not available, stones from any kind of dates will be good enough
Quince soup or Steamed Quince ~ it is an alternative for Quince preserve with Honey
I have observed that Steamed vegetables including Quince is the best food a sick person can have; for fast healing; it should not be combined with rice or bread. It is