Acidity, Gases and weak digestion

Syed Quadri asked
Assamualiakum, I am male 31 yrs. I am having acidity, weak digestion, very bad smell gases, heavy heart, palpitation(sometimes). I also feel some times so uncomfortable may be due to gas not being released. I also pass yellow urine is it due to excess body heat?

I am confused that i have over acid in my stomach or reduced acid stomach( insufficient acid stomach) that is causing indigestion.

Currently i am taking Apple cider vinegar. I see some improvement but its not curing gases. Can I have Formula GI? Can i skip black salt and prepare the formula because i doubt i have slight hypertension.

Please reply in detail

Suggest me good remedy.
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Nabawi Journeys answered

Assalam O Alaikum,

Recently, I had a patient with same symptoms as yours; Hijamah was performed on the back with 400 ml of blood drained out. (I rarely cup on the stomach as that area gives the least blood drainage, most of Hijamah blood is in your back).

I asked him to wait for few days & stop every kind of medicine; I wanted to see if blood drainage can really cure stomach acidity….. Alhamdulillah that his acidity, reflux & irritation totally disappeared after Hijamah. But it will come back if diet is not altered.

Try to adopt Tibb-e-Nabawi diet. A real change is needed for your bread & oil. Barley bread & the blessed Olive oil will kill your acidity forever.

Talbinah at breakfast will be a blessing.

Make a habit of reducing animal proteins to not more than 2 meals per week; avoid pickles, spicy foods, and fried foods.

Among all of my formulations,