Any good remedy for Interstitial Lung Disease?

Jameer Mulla asked
Assalamu Alaikum,
My mother is suffering from ILD (Interstitial Lung Disease), due to which she has breathing problems and dry cough. During last Ramdan she was admit at a chest specialist for 5-6 days where doctor told me that this disease cannot be cured but we can prevent it from growing.

After discharge from hospital doctor has prescribed long list of medicines which are not only costly but they are having side effects also, but coughing was totally gone.

She has to go every month for checkup and everytime the doctor was repeating same prescription, so she decided to stop taking medicines and take some ayurvedic or homeopathic treatment. we found a good ayurvedic doctor and stated his medicines, everything was ok for month or two and now again she is having coughing and breathing problem.

Please help.
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