Diet for Weight Gain? Anything which doers not has any side effects.

TejasBankar asked
Hello Members,

I've slim body and have started working out, could you suggest what should be the diet for gaining strength and muscle. I am a vegetarian.

Could you also suggest if any protein supplements should be taken and which ones are best and safe.

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khawaja Avatar
khawaja answered

Hi there ,

Kindly use 2 teaspoons of barley sattu mixed with a glass of milk in the morning .

Dr.Nasreen Avatar
Dr.Nasreen answered

As you want to gain healthy weight by strengthening muscles, it is important to have protein rich foods like milk & milk products, Sprouts, Pulses & Legumes, Soya bean in your diet. If You are doing heavy workout then only You can take the supplement like Whey Protein. You can start your free weight gain diet plan from here visit justforhearts(dot)org.