Depressive or Impulsive behaviour what to do?

syed salman asked
Asalam u Alaikum

My cousin has been suffering from depressive behaviour for last 25 years.He is now 42 years old. He has habit of checking door lock over and over again.He is sometimes abusive to people around him,wishes to be dead,does not want to take part in any work. He is being treated with antidepressants for many years. Kindly give advice according to tib e nabwi.

Jazak Allah Khair
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Dr.Nasreen Avatar
Dr.Nasreen answered

Walaikum Assalam

He is in the state of depression. this is spiritual and mental problem rather than physical problem according to me. A person goes in depression if the surroundings are not religious. anyways I suggest you can send him to a place far from home for few days and inshaAllah he will benefit.

in any case I suggest do never put any pressure on him whatsoever. Talk gently with him Pray from Allah. May allah give him shifa. Ameen.

Also Try to disconnect him from his colony where he lives and anything he is related to for few days. send him for Hajj (preferebely) or Umrah and I believe he will be a different person inshaAllah.

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md.arif answered

May Allah Give Shifa to this patient. He is suffering with Waswasah & whispering of Sheytaan.
Hijamah on the head is beneficial, furthermore, he needs cure from RUQYA & Sadaqah.
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