Kidney Stone treatment from Tibb e Nabawi

Aasalam-o-Aalikum everyone,

can anybody tell me any medicine / home remedy from Tib-e-Nabwi or any Dua to recite to remove stones from the kidney and control pain.

Jazak Allah.
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grandtheft answered

1. Sharbat Aaalu Baalu 15 ml BD
2. Majoon Hajrul Yahood 1TSF OD
3. Tab Cystone 2 BD
4. Excess Fluid Intake
5. Palak ,Tamatar na len

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kmjamal answered

@grandtheft thank you for your reply this is helpful.

Jazak Allah Khair

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Nabawi Journeys answered

Please check the details on this page


Tibb-e-Nabawi is not simply a home remedy, it is the guidance sent from skies.