Which vinegar to use?

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Asalamu alikum

I recently watch a tib e nabvi show on the topic of skin diseases such as eczema , psoriasis and others.
A treatment was recommended, one for a herbal concoction and another to make a lotion using various ingredients.

I have those ingredients and would like to be able to make the lotion for my toddler daughter who has mild eczema on her arms and legs. Only problem is they don't say which vinegar is the right one. It is a pakistani show so they just say to use vinegar. I love in the UK and we have many different types. Can someone please help as to which kind I need for this and in the UK what it is called?

Jazak Allah
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Tabeeb Khaja Mohammed Azeemuddin Avatar


Vinegar is acetic acid, you can use any type of vinegar but I suggest you go for any organic vinegar and made by Halal Technology as most of the vinegars have alcohol content in them, so it is better to make your own at home.

To make Halal Vinegar follow these steps http://www.tibbenabawi.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=239&Itemid=77

If this looks long process then better buy any organic vinegar