Cardiac Problems any herbal remedy?

Kindly suggest me from Tib E Nabawi a formula for cardiac problems.I am feeling pain in heart since few days.I cannot sleep properly.I also feel pain in the legs and dark circles under the eyes are becoming more deeper day by day. ​I also feel too much fear.I am feeling my heart is becoming too much weak day by day which is disturbing physical my health also
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shaafi herbal care

Quince is a fruit of Paradise. It Strengthens Heart, Cures Intestinal Ulcer & is Good for Women during Pregnancy which enables them to have Handsome Babies. It gives Strength of 40 Men to a Person.
Arabic Name : Safarjal (Fruit), Habb al-safarjal (Seeds)
English Name : Quince Seeds
French Name : Graines de Coing
German Name : Quitte
Hindi Name : Behi (Fruit), Behidana (Seed)
Kannada Name : Simodalibe (Seeds)
Kashmiri Name : Bum Chunt (Fruit), Bum Chunt Beool (Seeds)
Latin name : Pyrus cydonia Linn.
Persian Name : Tukhme Safarjal, Behidana (Seeds)
Sanskrit Name : Amritphala (Fruit)
Urdu Name : Behi (Fruit), Behidana (Seeds)
Hadith Refences:-
1. Hazrat Talha رضي الله عنه says that he went to Nabi صلی اللہ علیہوسلم & Nabi صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم had Safarjal (السفرجل) in his hand & said Take it, oh! Talha for it soothes the heart. : Reference Ibn Ma-jah: 3494: Book No. 2