Need ANTI-DEPRESSANT always depressed! Please help

kmjamal asked
I heard from some one that talbeenah is very good for sick people. Can you please advise relevant benefit of it and how is it made?
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Talbeenah or Talbeen is a mixture made from either barley, milk, and honey or barley, milk, and dried dates. It can also be made with water.
Talbeenah is recommended by Rasulullah ﷺ which serves as an anti-depressant and is beneficial to overcome anxiety. The Hadith on Talbeenah is as follows:

Narrated ‘Aisha: (the wife of the Prophet) that whenever one of her relatives passed away, the women assembled and then dispersed (returned to their houses) except her relatives and close friends. She would order that a pot of Talbina be cooked. Then Tharid (a dish prepared from meat and bread) would be prepared and the Talbina would be poured on it. `Aisha would say (to the women),”Eat of it, for I heard Allah’s Messenger ﷺ saying,
‘The Talbina soothes the heart of the patient and relieves him from some of his sadness/grief.’

Hafiz Ibn Hajar Rahimahullah has explained the benefits of Talbeenah and its effect on the body and digestive system in his