Dryness of Skin

Dear All:
I have a problem of dryness of skin, when i drink one time coffee, i had alot dandruff and fungus attack in my skull and beard. Can experts suggest my something.
When i started drinking cocunut oil and milk i got my hairs back that were fallen because of dandruff of dryness
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Nabawi Journeys answered

Assalam O Alaikum,

Wrong diet, lack of fiber & water, emotional stress or work stress, etc. has gifted you dryness.
First of all, take Hijamah on your back & head and toxins will be drained out.
Then, start a well balanced diet & nothing else can be better than the blessed Tibb-e-Nabawi foods & drinks (see a sample diet chart attached).
Avoid tea, coffee, BBQ & dried foods.
BUTTER will be so good for you as it is wet in nature, but if you suffer with cholesterol problems, OLIVE OIL is the only valid solution.