Dizziness and Fits while performing Hijama

gfarooqui asked
Assalaam-u-Aalaikum Warahmatullahe Wabarakatuhu,
I have noticed in some clients that they feel very dizzy when performed hijama on them. Some clients even get fits, their body texture changes, they utter strange noises (as if something stuck in the throat). Then they go into a sleep for a few moments. After that, they gradually come to the normal state with a little bit of weakness. This happens, to some clients even before any incision and just after placing a cup for few minutes. It is also to be mentioned that some clients come with a complete very long fast (they come for hijama in the evening with or without a light breakfast (nothing in between).
I have a couple of question here.
What would be the main cause of these conditions?
What changes take place in the brain at that moment (considering that it sometimes happens without blood drawn)?
Although, none of the clients were in any concerned condition and got better right after hijama, should a hijama therapist always take it eas
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