Remedy to improve eyesight for 12 years old girl.

hammad a asked
​Salam o Alikum,

I would like to seek some help from the group to suggest some remedy to improve eyesight for 12 years old girl.

Currently her one eye is -8 and second is -8.5 . Real challenge is at least stop increasing the eyesight and any damage to retina.

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Nabawi Journeys answered

Walaikum O Assalam,

My son had the same issue, his numbers were -5 but Alhamdolillah that we kept reciting Quranic verses & Duas on him & my mother used to put Zamzam in his eyes frequently; now his numbers have dropped to -1.50 Masha'Allah. His age is currently 14 & during the last 2 years, I have performed mild Hijamah on his neck & head and the Sunnah treatment also helped.

Kindly read the article Verses & Duaas for improving vision >> https://goo.gl/jAFUEr

Furthermore, it is my personal experience that taking saffron with hot milk improved my vision & focusing ability, now I can read smaller fonts without glasses. I took camel’s milk but any kind of good quality / fresh milk can be used.