Digestion issue : Overnight Soaked Almonds with Fig - Empty Stomach in Morning

Masood Ali asked

I have a digestion issue. Every day I feel severe burning sensation after
breakfast immediately before and after loo.

I am taking Overnight Soaked Almonds with Fig - Empty Stomach in Morning,
is it good for improving digestion?

Doubt: Internet search shows bad digestion symptoms are appeared on nails by
decreasing whitish semi-circle is it correct?

Best Regards,
Masood Ali
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dr.arif Avatar
dr.arif answered

What i feel you are suffering from is Piles. You need to avoid junk food, Food with chilly powder and other protein items for some days and eat Maimonib Tablets to get rid of it quickly.

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Nabawi Journeys Avatar
Nabawi Journeys answered

Assalam O Alaikum,

A big change in your diet plan is required, only the almonds with figs may not help completely.
After years of experience & feedback from our patients, we designed a sample diet chart from Tibb-e-Nabawi & Subhanallah that it has helped thousands of people. We hope that after adopting this diet plan, your digestion problems will be a forgotten story.

Also take Hijamah, it improves the efficiency of your major organs & hence you will have a better digestibility.
For nails, we only heard that patients with low hemoglobin can have bluish nails, Allah Knows the best.