Allergy (I am having allergy feeling in hands finger redness and inflammation)

I am having allergy feeling in hands finger rediness and inflammation with pain and itching and in also legs some part of the body i have done 8 points hijama 5 points on head and on legs also in the period of 3 months using formula k and B henna water but no result now i am using anti allergic drugs with steroids so kindly advise what to do

Dua ka talib
Muhammad Attaulla Khan
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Assalam O Alaikum,

Repeat Hijamah after every 2 months with 200 ml of blood drained per session.
For blood impurities & all other ailments, "WHAT NOT TO EAT" is more important than "WHAT TO EAT".
Avoid animal proteins, lentils, fried foods, spices, excess salt, dairy, pickles, & all kinds of vegetable oils.
Vegetable curries cooked in the blessed olive oil ~ taken with the blessed Barley bread are the best food for sick.

At few occasions, Allah Delays the Shifa even if you have taken the correct medicines & remedies.
Try to be patient & wait for Shifa from the treasures of unseen.

We do not have a habit of changing the medicines. Herbal blends are mild natured ~ work in general as detoxifiers / cleaners ~ most of our blends improve digestion; rejuvenate the body systems & enhance your immunity.

Usually, we never go for high potency medicines; most of them are not required for most