Very Dry stool - Constipation what to do?

Faisal asked

I am an accountant almost 33 years old
Long travelling everyday.

I have constipation and stool comes out with bit difficulty.

The point i want to emphasize is i can feel dryness of stool....very dry.

Kindly help advise how to have wet stool

Should i take C2 or..... NO

Apart from fiber what should i eat to finish this dryness

Best regards

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Nabawi Journeys Avatar
Nabawi Journeys answered

Talbinah if taken daily & regularly in the breakfast can prove to be a complete cure for you In Sha'Allah.
Barley bread & cooking in the blessed Olive oil are best remedies for your problem.

Take an early dinner with a small meal portion, after 2 hours of dinner, take 2 apples with their skin, you will have relief from constipation.

Ground flax seeds made as a paste with Honey, taken as a tablespoon twice or thrice daily will definitely help.

Idris Vahed Avatar
Idris Vahed answered


MashaAllah Talbina is such a great gift from Allah.

I have also found good benefits from pure Aloe juice Alhamdulilah.
Also Sunnah.

It has to be pure whole leaf juice.
Not the normal beverage type.

Allah make easy.

Tabeeb Khaja Mohammed Azeemuddin Avatar

Assalam Alaikum,

Drink 6-8 litres of water on daily basis. Use talbina, eat green leavey vegetables.

Barley Sattu Will also help you to get rid of constipation problem.

visit: http://www.shaafiherbalcare.com/food-supplement/17-barley-sattu.html