Looking for herbal hair oil suppliers from India


I am looking for the best and most effective herbal hair oil suppliers. Please send me quotation i would need it in bulk quantities.

Thanks in Advance.
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dr.arif answered

I recommend my customers Kesh King Hair Oil because its very effective and not much oily!

Visit : http://keshking.com/index.php

shaafi herbal care

Shaafi Hair Oil is a magical blend of all Natural, Pure & Special herbs selected for their unique abilities to promote healthy hair and scalp. From the finest herbs available on earth, we have prepared an oil which promotes hair growth, stimulates blood circulation, reduces bacteria, helps prevent dandruff and clear many body pains.

You can contact us at : http://www.shaafiherbalcare.com/hair-loss/16-shaafi-hair-oil-.html

Taher Ali
+91 8885008661