What is actually SATTU?

Fairoz asked
Dear Tibbenabawi specialists

In India some Unani based companies manufacture ''SATTU'' powder which is a mixture of (ragi,red gram,corn,cardamom etc)

1.can it sale in the name of SATTU powder? and use it?

2. in my hometown (Kurnool district, near Hyderabad) BARLEY is available without Rusk then can I just make it grind and make flour and use as SATTU?

throw some light

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Assalaam-u-Aalaikum Warahmatullahe Wabarakatuhu,
When you dry roast a flour, it becomes Sattu. So in plain words a Sattu is a dry roasted flour. It can be made of any flour even pulses. Similarly, Barley Sattu is prepared using raw barley flour. Hope it helps.