Stone in gallbladder

Kamaluddin asked
please Informed you that my brother have problem for stone in gallbladder, can you tell me any one to good way to clear these issue
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shah alam answered

Assalam O Alaikum,

Gall-stones management is not easy for the patient, a special diet with complete elimination of fats & animal proteins is necessary; we have usually seen that the patient can't adopt such a strict diet.

Large gall-stones do not dissolve, smaller stones have a risk that they may come out & obstruct the bile duct + terribly elevate your liver enzymes in the blood, such a situation can also cause Pancreatitis.

Black seed oil & vinegar reduce the pain of gall-stones; but because the patients do not take them regularly; we have no feedback if black seed oil & vinegar can dissolve the stones (when taken regularly in the long run).

Some Hakeems in Pakistan / India claim that their medicines can cure this problem, but they do not provide the details of ingredients used in those medicines.

At our group, Mr. Zeshan Islam (creative.shaani@gmail.com) reported that he has some solution & we requeste