Versicose Veins


My Sister is suffering from Varicose Veins Issue in Both Legs.

Can you please suggest a cure


Tauseef Ahmed
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dr.arif answered

Assalam O Alaikum,

As the West says, Varicose veins or arteries are veins that have become enlarged and tortuous. Normally, veins return blood from the rest of your body to your heart, so the blood can be re-circulated. To return blood to your heart, the veins in your legs must work against gravity. Varicose veins may be caused by weakened valves (incompetent valves) within the veins that allow blood to pool in your veins instead of traveling to your heart. Varicose veins are often painful, especially when standing or walking. They often itch, and scratching them can cause ulcers. Serious complications are uncommon.

Some people have Spider veins which appear as thin, red / purple lines of blood vessels on the surface of the skin. Spider veins are an alarm for formation of varicose veins in future.

The problem exhibits that the patient has a history of poor blood circulation; & incomplete combustion of foods th