lutuation in blood pressure, psoriasis, Hypothyriodism

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I am 45 YRS. I am taking medicine for Hypertension ,Hypothyroidism for last 8 yrs. for last 3 yrs I also developed Psoriasis on my joint. I am overweight and have abdominal obesity.
I was taking Metropolol 50 mgx2 times ,natrilixSR, Attecandt 16 mg, Thyroxine 125 mg , Simvastin 20 mg . I started last yr Hijamah and formula K and formula B. after Hijamah There was a improvement in BP 150/100 even after medication to 120/80. There is a gradual change in my Psoriasis patches. With suggestion of doctor my dose of medicine was changes Metropolol 50 mg once , ,natrilixSR, Attecandt 16 mg, Thyroxine 125 mg and continuing with formula K and B. During last summer vacation I travelled a lot and during this I could not maintained very strict diet as suggested with Formula K and B. Since last months I am feeling not well , there is fluctuation in my BP , get tired very easily, heaviness in chest , left side of body always has some sensation , from head to toe, shoulder pain , tingling sensat
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Syed Abdul answered


Dear Brother, I am syed abdul ghani, residing in UAE from past 3 - 4 years and as I can see that you are having a prolong history of health issues.

I am a biomedical engineer and I am not an expert in medicines or herbs but i would strongly suggest you some thing, which i have seen and experienced it very closely in Arab countries.

1) Offer 5 times prayer on time very important.
2) Exercise at least 1 hour a day specially after fajar salah.
3) Eat healthy food, avoid spicy and oily foods.( Eat on time and never skip your meals)
4) Drink min 5 liters of water per day.
5) Stay physically and mentally strong. ( Give charity and spend time with your family)
6) Have your dinner before 8 pm and sleep at 9:30pm - 10:00pm and get up at 5:00am.
7) Take medication as prescribed by the doctor.

Inshallah I wish and pray for every human being a healthy life with blessed imman.

Please remember in y